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Goodbye, 77 8th Avenue!

After 18 years at 77 8th Ave., the time has come for us to move. It’s the longest we’ve been in one location since Imaizumi Sensei started teaching in New York City, and for that we are very grateful. Our landlord has been a steady  partner to Shin-Budo Kai during this entire stay.  We hope to be fortunate enough to find another like him in our next home.

We have to vacate our current space by February 17, possibly a week or two later. Given all the variables involved with New York real estate, the Sustaining Members have decided that it would be best for us to identify a temporary location where training can continue while we take the time needed to search for a new home.

In the meantime, please keep an eye out for announcements. We will need help packing and moving, and will also need storage space for our mats and another possessions during this interim period. As always at critical times like this, we will come together as a dojo community to make sure this next transition is a smooth and successful one. So, please look for sign-up sheets in your inbox and volunteer when you can. Thank you, and more news soon!