Video: Shizuo Imaizumi's Ki Aikido Course

Shizuo Imaizumi's Ki Aikido Course

Shizuo Imaizumi Sensei stands among a select group of teachers qualified to teach and explain the origin and evolution of Ki Aikido to our modern generation. This is your opportunity to get the very best study aid available to gain real skills in this system and deepen your grasp of the art. Welcome to the world of Ki Aikido!

What’s Inside the Shizuo Imaizumi Ki Aikido Course…

● 47 hi-res video modules
● Option to view content online or download to your device
● Unlimited access to course content
● Principles of Ki explained and demonstrated
● Ki No Taiso explained and demonstrated
● Basic techniques of Ki Aikido developed by Koichi Tohei, 10th dan
● In-depth interview with Shizuo Imaizumi by Stanley Pranin
● Learn backstories to some of the most important events of aikido history

Price: $47.00                         Available for purchase at Aikido Journal